Area: White Plume Mountain
Location: The City of Brightflame and Dragospine
Description: The Dragonborn City of Brightflame was once the home of the First Dragon Riders. In those days, the peace was held by human, halflings, elves, and Dwarves who made a pact with the Dragon God Io. They rode dragons and acted as knights against evil. When the Dragon God was split in two by the Primordial Erek-Hus, King of Terror, his power caused Io’s Riders to change. They merged with their dragons, becoming the first Dragonborn. This cause a huge lost of self, as the new dragonborn couldn’t remember their past selves, names, or history. Without knowing why, the dragonborn left the city in search of themselves and have been searching ever since. Only in the last 15 years have they returned, under the guide of Balasar Rhogar, who renamed the city Brightflame. Some believe that he wishes to start a Dragonborn empire, others believe its to recreated the Dragon Riders. Either way, hundreds of Dragonborn and their families have come to Brightflame to start a new life away from the chaos.
Aspect: An old city, now with new life, parts of it are still unexplored and are dangerous at times. The population is mostly dragonborn, but other races make up a small group of the new settlers.
Optional: While Brightflame sits on the side of this active volcano, surrounded by 3 sides with lava rivers, in the center of the White Plume Mountain sits a small island called Dragonspine. This was once the grand hall of the Dragon Riders, and as such only those who can fly can enter it. However, a magical shield around the lava lake keeps those who fly as a magical means out. Dragonspine is now the home to Shumash Alsgar, a Lich Rider who betrayed the order before Io’s Death. He rides a Dragolich and searches for the four artifacts of the Primordials, believing that if a Primordial could kill a God, then the thing that keeps them chained can give him their power.

Outlying Areas

Area: The Vast Plains
Location: The Tower of the Faithful
Description: The Tower of the Faithful was built during the last days of the human empire. It was once a place of worship for followers of Corellon and has changed hands many times since. Now it is the home of the Blue Mages of the Lions, lead by Archmage Mingus Ulrin. The Blue Mages were created after the Mages of the Stars split after a conflict of ideas between two of the head Archmages. The other group became the Red Mages of the Dragon. The Blue Mages believe in using magic for the betterment of all, using it not as a tool for monetary or political gain. They only use magic as a weapon when the time calls for it.
The Tower itself is a mystery, even to those that live there. While from the outside the tower seems to be 20 feet around, 50 feet high, the inside seems much bigger and taller. There are no walls surrounding the grounds of the Tower but its believe that there is a force that protects those inside from others who wish to do harm to the Tower. If this is true and if this is magical or not is still undetermined.
Aspect: Tall tower, magically/divined shielded. The mages will help anyone that comes to them, normally without asking for anything in return.


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