Area: Mithralfast
Location: Ironbeard Hold
Description: Formerly one of the largest and richest holds in the entire world, their wealth was unmatched throughout the world, rivaled only by the largest trading cities. Then, disaster struck. Their insatiable hunger for more wealth led them to inadvertently open a connection to the Elemental Chaos deep within the earth. As the Chaos poured out of the gate, the dwarves saved themselves only by collapsing the lower sections on everyone and everything down there. It has taken decades for them to recover, but they have re-established themselves in the mountain, rebuilding their trading empire and there have been murmurs about reclaiming the lower tunnels.
Aspect: Gate to Chaos: There is a gate to the Elemental Chaos buried deep in the earth. It appears to have been dormant since the breach, but nobody knows if it really is.

Outlying Areas

Area: Nentir Vale
Location: Shadowfast Wood
Description: The Shadowfast Wood is home to many vile and poisonous creatures. The worst of these are the Drow who were forced to the surface after the betrayal of the Great War. Still hated and full of hate, these Drow have made a new home on the surface and only recently begun to send out trade emissaries to the surrounding regions.
Aspect: Poisonous Dealings – Substances that kill or subdue can be acquired from the cloaked traders that travel forth from Shadowfast Wood. The greater the poison, the more dear the cost.

Area: Fortress of the Final Pact
Location: Temple of The Accords
Description: Deep in the fortress where The Accords were signed, a religious sect has formed, acolytes pour over every word set forth in the cosmic writings. The pursuit of power is a dark seed that grows at the heart of all races, therefore the temple is one of the most cosmopolitan locations in the world, acolytes hail from all races and backgrounds. Some study to fathom a way around the rules set forth, others to see if there are clues hidden to help the tributes defeat the Dungeon and some just to experience the raw power of the elemental chaos. The Accords themselves are said to be a gateway to this far off realm, little wonder that those in search of power are drawn to this place.
Aspect: Dark secrets, words of power, unholy blessings and the ravings of madmen. All this and more can be had from the Accordions(lol), but at what price to one’s soul?

Area: Trollhaunt Warrens
Location: Rashaaki Tribes
Description: Deep in the wilderness of the Trollhaunt Warrens, a small collection of nomadic dragonborn tribes survive, cut off from their main settlements on other continents. They don’t stay in one place long, frequently moving to find better hunting and foraging sites. As an initiation, to be considered an adult the young of the tribe hunt a troll alone, or die trying. Once a year, they travel to the eastern edge of the Warrens to trade with outsiders before disappearing again into the wilderness.
Aspect: Isolation: Except for trading, they rarely receive contact from outsiders, due to their physical differences, their remote location and their nomadic lifestyle. They are hard to locate, but prove to be fierce warriors once found.

Area: Sunless Citadel
Location: The Library
Description: Whispered about in hushed tones, the Library is said to be a repository for all the knowledge the world has lost. While probably an exaggeration, it’s a understandable one. Run by a cult that combines worship of Ioun and Venca, the Library’s keepers are always on the lookout for new information. When found, they take the scrolls and books to both learn from it and, keeping the catastrophes that caused the elemental Pact in mind, to guard it from those who they consider unworthy.

What most people don’t know is that the large, fortified building that people picture when they think of the Library is mostly for show. While there is a respectable number of books in the central fortress of Library, most of the scrolls and books are held in secret in the surrounding towns and villages, where small cells gradually instruct the people in the knowledge contained within, preparing them for the next age.

While they obviously disagree on how the information held by the Library should be used when the pact is broken, followers of Ioun and Venca from the surrounding regions both agree that the knowledge held by the Library needs to be protected. For now.

Aspect: Timeless. While even the elves currently serving the Library may not live to see it, the custodians of the Library know that the world will be released from the Elemental Pact some day. All things end, even the tyranny of the Elemental Chaos. Of course, the end may come sooner than they think…


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