Iron Circle


Area: Duchy of Solandir
Location: Keeper’s Hold
Description: An ancient city, Keeper’s Hold is one of the few bastions of civilization within the wild and tainted lands of the Duchy of Solandir. No one remembers exactly when the hold was founded, but Humans have become the dominant race of the city. Inside the city walls it appears like any other; tradesmen selling their crafts along well traveled city streets, urchin boys helping themselves to the coin of wealthy travelers and the local militia trying to uphold the law. The true essence of Keeper’s Hold lies outside the wall, though. Before the great war the wilds of the Duchy were reluctant to allow settlements; after the war it’s almost impossible. It’s only through a careful balance with the land that the city has been allowed to remain, for without the aid of the druids and shamans, the Duchy of Solandir would take her land back.
Aspect: Nature’s Response: Whether it’s something in the water or just the close proximity to wilds with a mind of their own, the citizens of Keeper’s Hold have developed the ability to sense the force of nature that surrounds them. Many travelers have found it odd when the entire city seeks shelter during a clear sunny day, only to understand when a sudden storm rains down upon the city

Outlying Areas

Area: Scarlet Bay
Location: Port Sysivan
Description: While the Scarlett Bay host many small port towns, Port Sysivan is by far the largest. Home and final resting place of the famous pirate Captain Julin Dread, it is still a pirate’s town. Any and all kinds of goods come and go from this place, from weapons, magical artifacts, slaves, and once the charter of a kingdom. The ports are controlled by two groups, the Captains Authority, a group of old pirates who work to keep trade free and unhindered, and Banner’s Group, a rogue operation lead by Guilden Banner, who wants to get rid of some of Port Sysivan’s more mortally challenging trade. The two groups fight for control while Lord Captain Aster Valsi tries to push both groups out of her city. The lack of custom checks in Captain controlled docks introduced a many of groups, including the Red Mages of the Dragon. Under the lead of Archmage Eben Vurltro, the mage guild operates a school for young mages and teaches them to push the bounds of magic, to harness its power, and use it for their purpose. The group doesn’t condemn the use of dark magic including Necromancy, which causing them to be unpopular in most places. However, more and more mages are coming to the guild seeking more knowledge and greater power.
Aspect: Few people ask questions when it comes to other’s business in Port Sysivan. Its open trade policy makes it a great place to seek rare and illegal items. The Red Mages of the Dragon are known for helping even nonmembers with their quest for information, usually with a price or favor to be completed first.

Area: Black Stone Desert
Location: Obsidian Shrine
Description: The Obsidian Shrine is a monument to the dwarven civilization. It stands atop a minor peak in the range that borders the desert on its south end. The area is desolate and windswept, haunted by the ghosts of lost Highpeak. The former citadel of the dwarves is visible from the shrine’s stepped platform.
Dwarven pilgrims and missionaries inhabit the area around the shrine, studying the ruined legacy of their people. The final sealing of Highpeak by a mixture of magma and the underground reservoirs provided the material for the shrine’s construction.
Aspect: Resentment. Dwarves who come to the Shrine are not seeking enlightenment in the traditional sense. Most contemplate acts of vengeance or seek insight into their people’s lost greatness.

Area: The Golden Savannah
Description: More than any other, the elves of Gul’venneth shared a deep bond with the spirits of their land. When the war of the elements was lost many spirits were forced to flee- the elves saw no choice but to follow. High above the Golden Savannah they live in exile on their cloud-ships, desperate to preserve their ancient culture and technology. The airship graveyard below stands as grim reminder of their fate should they fail.
Aspect: Clinging to the Past – Ancient elven magic holds the great cloudships aloft, though few of their crew understand the technology. Those with the knowledge guard it jealously, keeping it from the other races far below.

Area: Sand Sea Tribes
Location: New Imeth, the Lake City
Description: The destruction of Highpeak ruined the region-wide irrigation system that had watered the dwarves’ citadel. Imeth, chief camp of the desert tribes in the nearby area, was inundated by the outflow and sank beneath a grim, ash-filled lake. By the time survivors of the desert tribes regrouped in the aftermath of the War, the region had blossomed into relative fertility, and they began to rebuild. The sons and daughters of the tribes of New Imeth are sometimes born changed by the rampant elemental energies unleashed by the dwarves’ hubris, but to the desert tribes this is seen only as an advantage.
Aspect: New Imeth is an island of relative prosperity amid a monster-haunted wasteland.

Iron Circle

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