Drow Assassin and Tribute from Nerath


Character Sheet


Greenblood Oil
Bloodroot Poison
Rapier x1
Dagger x3
Leather Armor x1
Adventurer’s Kit
Poisoner’s Kit
Trail Rations

Acquired Knowledge

  • Butchering (15 minutes / Medium creature, results vary)
    • Animals
    • Humanoids

Ulvein grew up in the Drow Enclave hidden deep within the Shadowfast Wood. There he was trained as a courier and assassin. Like most drow boys, he was alternately ignored and abused while growing up. The females made sure he always knew his place. Even knowing that other races’ females are rarely in power doesn’t make him any less subservient when around them. It’s hard to undo nearly two decades of mental conditioning.

Ulvein was never meant to be a Tribute. During his first trip outside the Shadowfast Wood, he happened to be delivering “medicine” to Mithralfast the week before tributes were to be selected. He was caught carrying illicit materials. Seeing a way to get rid of an undesirable and save one of their own, the authorities volunteered him as Tribute.

He is bitter that he has been forced into this situation. He is angry that he has failed his mother. He hates the other Tribute he is traveling with. But most of all he is determined to get back out of the dungeon and take vengeance on those who have done this to him.

What he doesn’t know, until moments before he enters the dungeon, is that his mother sold him out to the authorities in Mithralfast. She exchanged an unwanted son for more freedom to operate in Mithralfast and the surrouding areas.

A small price to be able to sell even greater poison.


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