Dwarven Warden and Tribute from Iron Circle



Warhammer, Heavy Shield, Hide Armor, Adventurer’s Kit. Wila (edible lichen) (raw), 2x meals worth.


Torbera is coming out of roughly the same situation as Darrak, but got into it in a different way: she was raised in New Imeth in the city’s dwarven community. The oldest of four sisters, they were raised in the traditional Dwarven tradition that women were to keep out of the way of the world at large, tending the hearth and generally letting men deal with the outside world.

Torbera didn’t enjoy that as all, and was a frequent troublemaker. Sent to a school for girls that was much closer to a repository for future wives of the city’s human and dwarven population, she played truant, fought with the other girls, and was eventually thrown out of the school for starting a fire in the girls’ dormitories. This incident coincided with her first vision of the burning entity, who is, for her, a handsome dwarf made from rock and lava.

Torbera has actively enjoyed training as a warden, rather than merely submitting to it, and sees the dungeon as an escape from a life she never wanted. She’s very nearly pleased to be there.


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