Therai ib'Kurozhi

Tiefling Swordmage and Tribute from Iron Circle


Character Sheet

Acquired Knowledge

  • Butchering (15 minutes / Medium creature, results vary)
    • Animals
    • Humanoids


Kurozhi Fireblood was a wealthy Port Onyx privateer who retired when his wife took ill. Even after she passed on, Kurozhi never returned to sea. The fire in him burned down to embers when his Morenna died. Perhaps solely in her memory, he provided what he could for their two children, daughter Sorrow and son Therai. Sorrow, the elder child, took over as captain of the family’s business aboard Barracuda as soon as she was of age. Therai, shy by tiefling standards, was always an enigma to Kurozhi. The man simply could not relate to his son, and so shuffled him from tutor to tutor, keeping the child’s time occupied in full so as to keep him out of sight and out of trouble. Therai and Sorrow have spent so much time apart, they would practically be strangers to one another if they were to meet again.

Throughout his childhood, Therai practiced his swordsmanship and his studies mainly to keep his father happy. Therai made some acquaintances among other scions of wealthy households similarly disinterested in actually raising their get, but life in Port Onyx tends not to lend itself to long or close relationships. As time went on, Therai came to appreciate how rare a thing his parents had in each other. This understanding did little to bridge the rift between father and son, but it at least gave him a measure of peace. Armed with newfound conviction brought on by his revelation, Therai resolved to make a name for himself, not to please Kurozhi, but to honor his mother’s memory. He ultimately won an apprenticeship under renowned swordmage mercenary Ekemon Greenflame.

Your title here…Ekemon’s work often took him to unsavory corners of Port Onyx, often serving as a proxy in duels over peoples’ wounded pride. His apprentices inevitably ran afoul of all too many attempts by rivals to trap Ekemon through a sense of obligation to protect his charges. To their chagrin, Ekemon held no such sentiments. Therai was the first apprentice in quite a while to survive the first year under Ekemon’s tutelage, and has thereby earned a small measure of the mercenary’s respect.

Rising Conflict

Therai’s apprenticeship had just progressed enough that Ekemon deemed him “no longer an unmitigated disaster.” From Ekemon, this amounted to high praise. Ekemon even deigned to bring Therai along on one of his rare off-island contracts. He had been hired to deal with an upstart causing trouble in the Duchy of Solandir. Ekemon was found in bed with his employer’s wife, which did not go well. Ekemon fled, leaving Therai behind to take the blame. Therai tried to fight his way free, but could not escape. Putting his talents to work for the first time proved easy enough, but he had enough time to reflect on what he did between killing the first two guards to come for him and trying to fight his way to freedom. He hesitated to make a killing stroke, and it proved his undoing. Fornication was bad, murder was worse, but a tiefling committing these acts was insufferable to the humans. They demanded blood. Thinking quickly, Therai managed to convince them to keep him in prison until the Reaping. If he was adequately provided-for, he would stand in for one of their own and spare the Iron Circle one sacrifice that year. To his surprise, they agreed. Therai would go to the Reaping an embarrassment to his father, betrayed by his mentor, and with no one to mourn him. None of this meant a thing to Therai. If he went into the dreaded Dungeon and against all odds came back… he would be a hero. It might be too much to ask, but perhaps his people would begin to heal.

Therai ib'Kurozhi

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