Dragonborn Ardent and Tribute from Karkoth


Character Sheet


Chainmail, Longsword, Adventurer’s Kit, Trail Rations (10), Dagger boots, Climber’s Kit, Bell and whistle, Chirurgeon’s tools

Acquired Knowledge

  • Butchering (15 minutes / Medium creature, results vary)
    • Animals

Surina was born in Brightflame, an ancient city located in Vailin, that had only recently begun to grow once more. As a young dragonling, she was energetic and excitable, always looking forward to spending time with her siblings. The youngest daughter to her parents, she was one of seven, and only the second girl. The baby of the family, she would get away with most of the troublesome things she would do.

But, like any happy story, tragedy struck. At the age of 5 she began to exhibit powers that most Dragonborn have no understanding of. It started first during particularly fitful rests, when objects within their home would get hurled across the room or her dreams would leak into the dreams of siblings. As she aged further, the events began to happy not just during sleep, but when awake. Without control over these abilities, they would manifest themselves only during extreme feelings of anger or elation.

Seeking aid, her parents contacted local healers to help with her condition. None were able to offer any true insight, until a wanderer from a distant land spoke of her powers as a manifestation of the mind, psionic ability to control the material word and minds of others. He told them that there was no cure for it besides learning to control it through training and offered to take Surina to where she could be trained. Her parents were reluctant, but after a recent encounter where she injured her only sister, she urged them to let her go before she hurt anyone else. She said her farewells, promising to be back as soon as she was able to prevent herself from harming anyone else and set off.

What the stranger didn’t tell the parents was where he was taking her. Upon reaching their destination, Bonamia in the Barony of Skalgard, they were approached by several scruffy looking men. She overheard one of them mention “Slave” and in a fit panic began to run. She managed to escape any pursuit, but was now leagues from her home, alone and afraid. Fortunately, she wasn’t the only one who managed to escape capture from the local slavers and some other refugees that had made camp nearby found her and were able to take her in. It was here she met a slew of different races and cultures all mixed together, but most importantly she met someone who shared her abilities, another Psion. From him she was able to learn to control her abilities.

After almost two years with the group, tragedy struck again when they were waylaid at night by slavers. Those that survived, Surina included, were taken as slaves to Bonamia. Forced to live and work in the dungeons below the city, she learned to become more resourceful with her surroundings. Fortunately, or unfortunately, for her, once the slavers found out she was a Psion, they had no use for her. A slave that could control their slavers wasn’t a useful slave at all. It was during this time that tribute was being sought for the dungeon and she was quickly shipped out to fill that role for the city.


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