Mors Kanteel

Human Bard and Tribute from Karkoth



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Mors was born the second son of the wealthy Kanteel family situated in Bonamia. His grandfather was the cook on Baron Skalgard’s ship, and was rewarded handsomely with titles and slaves upon the formation of Skalgard’s city. The Kanteel’s have managed to keep their holdings (unlike some of the pirates turned lords, who had no idea how to survive in a political atmosphere) and their wealth, and have emerged as one of the city’s more prosperous houses.

As a result, Mors has lived a life of privilege. His generation is the first that has been born in a unified and stable Bonamia, and he has been provided for at every opportunity. His family owns hundreds of half-breed slaves that cater to Mors’ every want and desire. His grandfather and father both highly disapprove of this lifestyle, as they had to wage physical and political war against numerous enemies to secure their current position.

Upon reaching his 12th birthday, his father started looking for something that Mors could do to improve the family name. As he was only the second son, the family holdings would be inherited instead by his older brother. His father tried to train him as a warrior, sending him to an accomplished swordsman, but Mors’ bulk and lack of agility soon closed that route for him.

His father next sent him to train with the resident wizarding society. Although Mors grasped basic arcane theory, he lacked the intelligence to pass his first year exam, and he soon found himself back with his family.

It was during his 15th year when Mors’ life was changed. Thoroughly disappointed by his son, Mors’ father offered for Mors to become a tribute. Skalgard seized upon the chance to send a noble as a tribute, well aware of the common man’s grumbling that life for the elite of Bonamia was too easy. Before Mors knew what was happening, he was officially registered as a tribute.

Mors was furious when he found out. He confronted his father about it the day he discovered what had happened. It was the most terrifying moment of Mors’ life, as his father easily overpowered him and brought Mors tumbling to the ground. His father explained quite carefully that Mors was worthless. The Kanteel’s would gain favour from Skalgard from this act, and if Mors tried to resist his “destiny” then there would be consequences. Mors returned to his room and cried.

As a result of this lifestyle, Mors has grown into a soft, fat youth. His is neither nimble, strong, nor exceptionally intelligent, and his time is usually spent listening to tales and eating decadent feasts. He has a strong liking of war stories, often memorizing and reciting the tales of heroism that his tutors lavish upon him. He is a naive young man, unaware of the hardships of common life. As with most everyone in the city, Mors believes that half-breeds (Half-elves, Half-Orcs, Half-Dwarves, Tieflings) are not people but property. He does not particularly like Shifters, Minotaurs or Dragonborn, seeing them as little better than the “officially recognized” half-breeds (these pseudo-half-breeds are often slaves, although if they were born in Bonamia as free citizens, they are allowed to retain their freedom).

Mors Kanteel

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