Leiliana Rerebtaan

Drow Hunter and Tribute from Nerath


Character Sheet


Leather Armor
Longbow (2 prof / two-handed / 1d10 / load free)
Longsword (
3 prof / one-handed / 1d8 / versatile)
Adventurer’s Kit
- Backpack
- Bedroll
- Flint ‘N Steel
- Beltpouch
- Sunrod (x2)
- Trail Ration (x20)
- Hempen Rope (50ft)
- Waterskin (x3)
Climber’s Kit (+2 Athletics to climb)
- Grappling Hook
- Small hammer
- Piton (x10)
Artisan’s Tools
- Simple hand tools
- Nails
- Measuring stick


Leiliana was raised from birth to be a volunteer Tribute. She was taken from her parents shortly after she learned to walk and was thrown into a vicious training regimen that had her fending for her life before she could speak. She would either learn to survive in the most dangerous tests the elders could think up, or she would be slain and another would take her place.

The elders that were overseeing her training occasionally offered assistance to her, teaching her how to use the shadows and sounds around her to mask her passing. As she grew towards the age where she would volunteer, she learned quickly and used her natural grace and balance to enhance her prowess in combat and to aid in traversing difficult terrain.

Leiliana was hardly the only volunteer they were raising, as the elders wanted to maximize the chances of their plan being a success. A year before she was to become a volunteer, the final test was one of teamwork with, until then unknown to her, other volunteer potentials to survive in the wilds. Leiliana showed that while she could work with others to great effect, she was also not above throwing her “allies” into dangerous situations to take advantage of the distractions that they presented to the enemies.

This eventually led to her “winning” her spot as a volunteer Tribute. Leiliana represented the elder drow’s “ultimate solution” to the Accord – if she could get through the dungeon, she might be able to seal the rifts for good and allow the world to get back to its old ways.

Leiliana Rerebtaan

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