Ashe Swiftclaw

Shifter Avenger and Tribute from Vailin



Holy Symbol
Cloth Armor
Halberd (+2 proficient) (1d10 Damage) (Reach weapon)
Sling (1d6 damage) (10/20 range)
60 shots for sling
Standard Adventurer’s Kit
10 days extra rations

+1 healing kit


Region A: Orc Stabber threw a knife, got lucky.

Current Injuries: 1
Total Injuries: 1

Acquired Knowledge

  • Butchering (15 minutes / Medium creature, results vary)
    • Animals
    • Humanoids

Ashe came from the Great Wild Wood. She was but a child, when the beasts came to his village. Her parents were ripped to shreds in one of the beast’s early attacks on the village, murdered as they tried to protect him from the creature. They were successful and the girl managed to escape with three scars across her chest from the beast’s claws.

She was around when the shifting happened, and was one of the lucky few who found out how to control the change. Ashe felt no ties to the village in the woods and struck out on her own at the age of 20. Though still very young by elven standards, she was old enough to legally work in any profession he desired. She put her keen senses and superior agility to use as a hunter at first. All the skills she has, she picked up on her own. She learned to hunt and track, and traded food and skins for shelter and lessons on reading and tactics and writing from travelers he would encounter. One night the goddess Melora came to Ashe in her sleep. Melora told her that she had been called to a higher purpose, and that she would serve as her righteous hand. She devoted herself to the goddess’ service and trained daily in harnessing the powers provided to her by the goddess and worked out how best to use them in combat, if needed.

Melora guided her to a small town near Brightflame where she found work as a guard for the town and an assistant in the local church. She had few friends and spent most of her time working and using any extra money to help out those less fortunate than she was. Ashe became a favorite of the local vagabond population, and sees the downtrodden as friends almost by default. Many see her as a protector, despite her… odd nature.

Ashe, while able to control her shifting, has problems when it comes to separating the two personalities inherent in the two forms she can assume. While in elven form she remains rational, but occasionally the beast inside will speak to her. She can be seen every now and again having heated debates with herself, trying to figure out the best course of action between two wildly different personalities.

When the Reaping was announced Kathryn, a local homeless girl, was chosen to be sent. Unable to stand idly by while a defenseless person was sent to what she knew would be her certain death, Ashe stepped forward and volunteered in her place. Those in charge of the Reaping initially rejected her volunteering, thinking her too old to qualify. She explained that, being an elf, she was still a child in that culture. After much deliberation she was accepted for the Reaping, and she hopes to use her abilities to survive the Reaping and protect the others chosen for it. She believes strongly that Melora will guide her and the other chosen to safety.

Ashe Swiftclaw

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