Advocate for Karkoth

The Construct


The Advocate for Karkoth would be mistakable for a golem, if it did not so clearly have a sense of self. There’s also the minor detail of its mind-boggling configuration; a metal box from which protrudes six metal, insectile legs tipped with fine manipulators. Each seems as suited to grasping and writing as it is for locomotion. All parts of its creation seems flawless – except its face, which seems a bizarre afterthought. During verbal communication, it extrudes forth from the surface of the metal box, simply pushing forward on whatever surface is closest to those it wishes to speak with instead of physically rotating its body. The effect is not unlike watching a person speak with a sheet over its head – the concept and motion is there, but no details can be seen.

Coupled with the machine’s droning monotone, the effect is somewhat unnerving.


Advocate for Karkoth

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